letter from the Queen

We send thee greetings, trusted subject.

If thou dost read this, then we know that our Dreamfarer hath found thee living still. This pleases us greatly, for it may not yet be too late.

We know of the nightmares that do haunt thee. Thy dreams are, no doubt, full of strange visions. Thou hast good reason to be disturbed by these tidings. Our advisors tell us that soon thou may become very ill, and possibly quite mad. We hope to prevent this, with thine own help. Thy service to the Crown shall be rewarded with thy very sanity.

Thou art commanded by thy Sovereign to hasten to Southport, arriving by full moon next. There, seek out the good ship Celadon. Thou shalt know it by the flying of the Queen’s own colors. Bring the token given thee, and thou shalt be well come on board.

This letter shall serve thee well. All who see it are bound by Royal decree to aid thee in thy journey, be it by food, supply, or means of transport.

Thy presence is eagerly awaited.

~Catherine Regina

letter from the Queen

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