"Rabbit" Robin Thrumbedknackers

Gnome wizard wearing a green and brown doublet and light cloak, carries a backpack everywhere.


6 Str, 12 Dex, 11 Con, 16 Int, 13 Wis, 12 Cha, HP 11, AC 12, Saves: F+1 R+2 W+3; Attack Bonuses Melee -1, Ranged +2.

Equipment: paper, parchment, ink, backpack, walking stick, Emerald ring (heal light wounds), rations, a couple unidentified magic items.

Spells as of 3rd level: 1st: Sleep, Charm Person, Unseen Servant, Identify, Color Spray, Grease, Silent Image, Enlarge Person, Mage Armor, Blur, Glitterdust, and Mirror Image

Spellbook appears to be a full-color, exquisitely printed copy of “Great Gnomish Painters of the Post-Arcanist War Era, 256-1256”—the spells are intricately hidden in the reproduced canvases. Blank pages get added to the book by soaking them in water and placing them between the pages as if to dry for a week. I obtained the book from the shop after accidentally discovering its powers after spilling some beer on a copy of an Unseen Servant scroll, which turned into a reproduction of “The Three Sweepers” by Carl Ellywick. I suspect it contains many other spells, but the only ones I’ve been able to identify are Unseen Servant, Sleep, and the cantrips (the hand movenents for which are demonstated in various small pieces credited to Nobby Rockdowt Duvamil, the great gnomish nude painter). The book weighs 8 pounds.


Background: Robin was born into the Giltword family of the Wartgnasse clan, which has operated The Trinket and Tinker’s Shoppe at The Giant’s Burial Mound, a gnomish manor house built into the rocky hillside above the village of Sparrowmeer. The family specializes in rare and “magical” goods and pays a substantial stipend to the crown to avoid official inquiries into the legitimacy of its merchandise that’s sold “for entertainment value only.”

Robin’s father is Badger Giltword, a one-time fortune hunter and spelunker of considerable reputation. Badger explored the caves beneath The Giant’s Burial Mound and mapped them out a hundred years ago. He sold the mineral rights to a family of dwarves to build the shoppe in which he has raised his son. The family is not rich, however, as Badger’s habit of hanging onto the most valuable objects or unidentified items means fewer sales. But it did give young Rabbit the opportunity to expore, and nimble young gnomish fingers have uncovered the hidden secrets of more than one ancient object that passes through, even if the magic displayed is unspectacular (“Look! It made a spark! It’s a wand of fireballs, then, right, pop?”) or uncontrollable (an unseen servant once swept a hole in the hardwood flooring before Robin learned to control it properly).

Robin’s frequent lack the focus and proper study has led to his habit of “improvising” when casting his spells—something old stories say is more the provence of unhinged spell casters than the careful mage heroes in ancient gnomic legends that predate the arcanist wars. To many in the village, his habit of waving his hands and chanting isn’t so different from the gnomic musicians that pass through town occationally, and the worst that’s ever happened is he bored someone to sleep a few weeks ago at the local tavern after claiming that he had “found this very interesting portrait of some queen with a dress pleated in this very strange pattern, and the painting was called such and such, which is apparently the name of this tune that goes,” etc. etc.

Robin obtained his white rook (Corbie) by tossing a chess piece at the bird to shoo it away from the game he was engaged in with his brother. The rook was unimpressed and hopped onto the chessboard to steel the white rook from Robin’s side of the board. He chased the bird to its nest and discovered there a horde of knicknacks from the store that he’d misplaced over the previous several months. For the next week, he coaxed the bird away from its nest with a silver coin on at the base of the tree each day. On the seventh day, the bird brought the coin back and “told” Robin his name, which would call him to Robin’s side in times of need.

Appearance: Rabbit dresses in a green doublet with white trimming and a brown pointed leather cap commensurate with his standing in the community (as in, not very tall). On cold days, he wears a brown cloak made from softened goat skin.

"Rabbit" Robin Thrumbedknackers

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