Sable Darrow

a wiry, somewhat rough-looking lad whose youth and bedraggled appearance belies the strength of his personality and his arm


CLASS: Paladin

RELIGION: The Order of St. Cuthbert

SIZE: Medium

AGE: 20


HEIGHT: 6’ 5”

WEIGHT: 165 lb.

EYES: Black

HAIR: Sandy

STR: 16 (+3)

DEX: 15 (+2)

CON: 15 (+2)

INT: 13 (+1)

WIS: 14 (+2)

CHA: 15 (+2)

HP: 12


FORTITUDE +4 (+4 against nonlethal damage vs. hot/cold & nonlethal damage vs. suffocation) REFLEX: +2 WILL: +2





- Concentration 2 (+4)

- Craft: Illumination / Calligraphy 1 (+2) – Sable grasped the art of writing with surprising quickness, has a good, steady hand and an eye for style

- Decipher Script 1 (+2) – Sable’s only experience with reading has been with old, often faded and always stylized handwritten script

- Handle Animal 1 (+3)

- Heal 1 (+3) – Sable’s training from the clerics of St. Cuthbert included basic first aid - Knowledge: Religion 1 (+2)

- Listen 1 (+3) – Sable’s life in the monastery was not without dangers – he had to be alert when he was in the library without permission to keep from being caught and punished, and he had to be alert from mostly-friendly attacks from the other apprentices.

- Ride 1 (+3)

- Sense Motive 1 (+3) – the monks, clerics and paladins of St. Cuthbert were always honest and forthright with Sable, and so he has little experience with direct subterfuge. Nevertheless, his natural instincts are keen.

- Survival 1 (+3) – the community was settled in an isolated area, many days ride away from the nearest neighbor settlement. everyone learned basic survival skills from a young age in order to stay safe, warm and fed.


Detect Evil (SP) at will

Smite Evil (once/day) Attack +2, Damage +1

Improved Initiative (+4)

Endurance: +4 on the following checks or saving throws: Swim vs. nonlethal damage CON to keep running CON vs. nonlethal damage as a result of a forced march CON vs. hold breath CON vs. starvation and thirst FORTITUDE vs. nonlethal damage suffered from extreme hot / cold environment FORTITUDE vs. nonlethal damage suffered from suffocation able to sleep in light or medium armor without being fatigued.



Sable was born into an isolated community made up entirely of faithful followers of St. Cuthbert. Two generations ago, the colony had been founded by men and women wishing to leave civilization in order to have the freedom to worship and live closer to their values and beliefs. Two generations of sensible (if harsh) living, combined with a small handful of new converts, has resulted in a sort of quiet equilibrium for the community. Sable was the second son born to one of the village’s three elders – men who acted as governors, judges and spiritual leaders. Even from a young age, Sable found life difficult and awkward. Too intelligent to fit in with his rough-and-tumble peers, but not quite bright or motivated enough for his teachers, Sable continually felt himself to be a disappointment to his family and the community. When he was thirteen years old, he was talked into playing a prank on one of his friends by his older brother. The prank went bad, and resulted in the death of the child. Though the Elders’ judgment was that it was an accident, Sable was sent away from home to the monastery which lay a day’s ride away from the village. Sable became one of several apprentices to the monks, clerics and paladins of the Order of St. Cuthbert, serving mainly as an errand boy and manual labor. He was found to have a talent with horses, and in a few years became the assistant to the Head Stableboy. It was also at the monastery that he was first taught to read and write, and he discovered a passion for words within him that he never knew existed. Whenever he was permitted he would read in the monastery’s dark, cool library, as much for the pleasure of reading itself than whatever he might learn. Even when he was not permitted, he sometimes snuck into the library anyway. Although he was relatively content at the monastery and not treated with cruelty, it was still a hard life, filled with rigorous training, hard labor, hours of prayer and meditation, and engaging in a continual half-hearted fight with the other apprentices. Sable was found to have an inclination toward martial skills and so was taken under the tutelage of the paladins in order to train his fighting ability. For seven years he has trained in the ways of the paladin, and he hopes that, by the end of this year, he will be deemed ready to attempt the trials. It has been seven years since Sable returned home to his village, seven years since he has seen his father, mother and brothers. In seven years he has become, not happy with his life, but reserved. Until the dreams began…

Sable Darrow

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