human rogue 2


Human Rogue 2

BAB: 1 Saves: Fort 1, Will 0, Ref 4

Weapons: masterwork rapier: d6/18-20×2 masterwork shortbow: d6/20×3

Armor: masterwork leather

feats: Heroic Destiny (from Races of Destiny): 1/d can add 1d6 to any roll (other than damage) improved initiative

abilities: trapfinding evasion (if pass reflex save, take no damage instead of 1/2 damage) sneak attack +1d6


Esmir Miranda Issander Dacay y Estrellas de Fintalin is the fourth son of an extremely minor noble household governing the hamlet of Fintalin. His father is the third to hold the title, with his grandfather earning the nobility after his martial prowess saved the king in the battle of Angrinon approximately 70 years ago. Fintalin’s population of citizens is easily outnumbered by its population of sheep, which drive its main economy. Parrais, Esmir’s oldest brother, is happy to take over the stewardship of the hamlet, but Esmir felt stifled by his lackluster surroundings and had set off on his own to the grand town of Harainburg (population: 150) on his way to Seek His Fortune.

Shortly after arriving at Harainburg, Esmir was felled by terrible, haunted dreams that left him no rest. It was almost a relief when he was granted a ring and a letter—and, more importantly, a Destiny.


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