Gillian "Gilli" Garret

5'4", F, always seems to be in a Traveling Cloak and Hat/Hood and Carrying bag of "Herbs"


STR: 14
DEX: 14
CON: 10
INT: 17
WIS: 12
CHA: 17

Half Elf Human Sorceress Herbalist

HP: 4
AC: 12
WILL: 3 (MAGIC = 5)


  • Silent Spell

Familiar: Rat

Racial Abilities:

  • Immune to Sleep Spells & Similar
  • +2 on saving throws against enchantment, spells, effects of such
  • Low-Light Vision (2x human + color & detail)
  • Racial Effects of Elf


  • Elven
  • Common


  • Light
  • Message
  • Mage Hand
  • Ray of Frost
  • Summon Monster I
  • Obscuring Mist


  • climb kit
  • disguise kit
  • heal kit
  • 2 days dried rations
  • “Herbs” (Magic supplies for spells)
  • Scroll & Emerald Ring (Given by Queen Cathrine)
  • Traveling Cloak
  • Fabric hood/hat
  • Traveling clothes
  • Heavy crossbow
  • Dagger

Although Gillian’s unusual racial characteristics give her an exotic look, she has worked her entire life to play-down her elfish traits and look as human as possible. She even once tried to cut her ears to hide their pointed shape, but was thwarted by her brother Thomas, so now she has resigned herself to always wearing an unusually plain cloth hat that looks almost as if it could pass for a nun’s habit, but not quite so restricting. She’s typically found in shades of light blues and grey which bring out her enchanting blue/grey eyes. It has been typically said about her that she is “quite lovely for such a plain creature”.

Gillian was number six of eight human children. Except, Gillian was not human. Not fully anyway. Her mother was seduced by a traveling woodsman while her father was away on business. Gillian’s father (James Bless), upon discovering the tragic mishap punished and then forgave Gillian’s mother (Mary Bless), although he never let Mary or her half-breed daughter forget the faux pas. Gillian’s four sisters were married off to gentleman suited for their status. There were no plans for Gillian to be married for fear of someone finding out their unusual family secret. Until one day an elderly thatcher by the name of William Garret observed Gillian in her garden having an odd sort of unspoken conversation with a passing rat. (Rat later to be known as “Ezra”, Gillian’s familiar). William was no ordinary thatcher but he too was a sorcerer in secret and began negotiations with James Bless about courting his daughter. Several months later William and Gillian were married on a dreary winter day and Gillian went to live with her distant and somewhat standoffish husband. They had an odd sort of functional relationship and eventually became quite good friends. William had guessed both of Gillian’s secrets and kept them as his own. Gillian kept William’s house and observed cautiously whenever William performed any of his spells (although this was sometimes difficult because William had learned how to perform spells without use of words or gestures to indicate that he was doing any sort of magic at all).

Several months into the awkwardly contented marriage, William fell ill of an unknown cause and never woke up from his sleep one night. In his will, he left all of his estate and possessions to Gillian and to be managed by Thomas Bless, Gillian’s older brother and one true friend. Before leaving on her fateful mission in this campaign of the Nightmare plague, Gillian wrote to Thomas to tell him only that she was to travel in service to Queen Cathrine and that she would be gone a long while. That he was not to worry, but that he must send one of his sons to the manor to take care of the house while she was away. She would write to him in a few months time to let him know of her well-being.

Gillian "Gilli" Garret

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