The Nightmare Plague

The Morrick Monster... under the stairs

Be careful little eyes, what you see!

They gathered the horses and rode back around the mansion toward the front gate; meanwhile leery of the garden foliage that it would not leap out or munch at them inopportunely. When they arrived, they tied the horses to a nearby tree (after checking for any sign that they would likely be eaten). Travillan approached the gates first, with Esmiere and Gillian flanking him on either side. Gillian saw something out of the corner of her eye move and swiped her sword ineffectually toward a still vine on the wall. Travillan opened the door and a flower shot something at him. A familiar nub of a plant began to burrow its way into his skin, but Esmiere was there to pluck it out for him and the plant nub flew against the gate to it’s demise.
Travillan kicked open the heavy gate doors and the party gathered around to stare into the wide garden. Gillian shuffled in toward the mansion. As Stumble passed by the gate there was movement from a statue by the gate. It could have been a trick of the eye, but the party couldn’t take any chances. Stumble raised up his hammer and struck true: and the statue crumbled into small insignificant pebbles.
No one could be sure of themselves. Eyes kept playing tricks. Or was it the mansion. There was no way to tell.

As they approached the mansion, there was a massive fountain featuring a fifteen foot high bronze statue of a woman pouring water from a vase into the surrounding pool.

There seemed to be a library just behind the window. Rabbit, too, snuck up to take a gander at the window. He tried to break it with a stick, but the window did not break. “It must be magic windows” he said, and the party headed toward the door. Which was locked, of course. Esmiere stepped forward and gave it a shot.

Above, however, there were gargoyle status that started to move. A short battle ensued that ended with large pieces of crumbled stone all over the ground. Of course there would have been a welcoming party, that was just our luck.

Inside the mansion there were many doors. To the right there was a library. Rabbit ran ahead looking for any fun magic-looking books. Gillian walked over to the stand in front of the window she had peered in earlier. She thumbed through the pages. Trevallian seemed over cautious of the space, taking great care with each step. Esmiere and Trevallian made their way over to a large desk at the opposite side of the room. One of them found a locked drawer. Upon opening said locked drawer, two suits of armor sprung to life and struck an unsuspecting Gillian who happened to wander up between them at that time. A battle ensued which rendered both suits into shambles, but not without taking a few chunks of health from our party. Stumble gave what help he could and everyone was feeling much better. Upon looking into the magically locked drawer, there was found several ‘Flesh to Stone’ spell scrolls and a journal from Morrik himself. He had locked himself in this very library for several days until he died of starvation. His body was found curled up under the large desk.

As the party continued out into the mansion, they came upon the music room. Esmiere found the red sash that must have belonged to our mystery person from the note. He had been here, that was a good clue. Also, another letter was found. This gave instruction to make sure the urn was “completely submerged in the place we spoke of” and offered additional payment if the secret Morrick brandy-making methods could be discovered.

The next door that was opened revealed a large dining area. The party was not able to enjoy the well-lit floor to ceiling windowed room, because six corrupted creatures emerged and reined in on them. Battling them from two entrances into the hallways. When that battle had finished, all were wounded. Stumble gave what help he could, but we were running out of medical assistance.

Gillian ran into the dining hall and up the stairs. She found a locked door to the left. The others searched the dining area and looked out the back through the windows. This was where the reception was held. Lucien ran into a dark room under the stairs which lead to a kitchen area, but it was dark. Gillian (who has since ventured to the right upstairs until she was almost past the overlook) heard that Lucien had found the kitchen and came running as that must be where we would find the urn or the wine or some other clue to find next. The girl rushed through the door, not heeding the warning or chiding she was getting from both Travallian and Stumble.

Lucien followed her.

It was an ordinary kitchen. Gillian ran toward the casks of wine piled in the corner. They looked closed and usual. She then ran over to go up the stairs, as she heard a sound she had never heard before: Lucien seemed distressed. A huge monster jumped forth from under the stairs, from the door Lucien had been standing next to. The rest of the party worked their way into the tight kitchen quarters as the mosnter attacked Lucien. Travillian tried to attack the creature, to no avail. It lunged at Lucien again. Someone had the sense to call Gillian to come and see if the monster was a dream creature, so she dropped her bow and jumped down from the stairs to the cabinets and across the table.

Alas, she had not come in time. Just before Gillian could touch the creature with the dream scepter and trap him in a fork, he lunged one final fatal blow toward Lucien. As the creature disappeared, the elf’s body slumped limply to the ground. The silent archer was no more.

Wisely, the party remembered that a fallen Dreamfarer can be dangerous to the waking world. Travillian volunteered to transport his comrade’s body to the Dreamscape… but not before the dead elf’s belongings were distributed among the group.

Battered, exhausted, and grieving, the company took refuge in the fortified library, hoping that Lord Morrick’s safeguards in that room might help them pass the night in peace.



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