The Nightmare Plague

Summary- Bulleted Version

So much has happened since our last posted adventure:
• The party entered the Goblin cave under a cloud of obscuring mist and darkness.
o They ran into several more large wolf-dogs that were locked behind a cage.
o They came upon three drunk goblins on a cliff, killed them and then stole their weapons.
o Esmir, under the fantastically creative guise of being a savior of sorts to the goblins, persuaded them to act civilly enough for the rest of the party to make their way through the beautifully dwarven-carved entrance door
• The party entered the large entrance door:
o A hallway led three directions
o To the left hallway, there was a large, ornate door up the hallway. The party found this to be an abandoned and desecrated temple of Moradin. Stumble vowed to restore the temple just as soon as the party had rid the space of Noaak.
* Here the party also found a spring of water that had healing powers, and several stocked up hoping this effect would last. (It did not)
* Also, by happenstance, they found a latch in the altar which opened to an empty case which appeared to hold both a sword and a helmet. The goblin slayer and the goblin king.
o Further down the hallway, there was a barricade littered with bodily fluids and torn fragments of cloth and stone. In goblin was a sign that said something along the lines of ‘DO NOT ENTER. EVER.’ The party believed that there is an arachnid-like creature hidden behind this barricade. They left the scene for the moment, but some wanted to explore later.
o When they went right, they were confronted by a giagantic goblin-like creature in his sleeping quarters. Some quick sword strokes, grappling and spellcating later, the creature lay dead.
• Having explored the lengths of both hallways to the right and left, The party continued what would have originally been ‘straight forward’ from the main entrance door:
o To the right, a closed door appeared to have several voices coming from the other side. Lucian heard those voices, decided it could be a potential threat, and jammed the locking mechanism so that no one could get in or out.
o At the end of the hallway, there was another door.
o Before that, there was another door so the left that contained one goblin who seemed to be cooking. Some of the party members checked out this room and found it to contain a pantry and a storage area, and one very confused looking goblin
• Going through the door at the end of the hallway:
o The party found 4 goblines sitting around a table. One of which happened to be wearing a helmet/crown type thing that looked about the size and shape of what would have fit in the altar back in the Temple of Moradin.
o A battle broke out and three of the 4 goblins were killed. The last one, the ‘Goblin king’ was named Darax. Stumble, Sable, and Gillian wrestled him as peacefully as possible to the ground. Stumble took his helmet as rightful dwarven property.
• Several members of the party searched the rest of the room. It seemed a normal bedchamber except for the door at the other side.
o There was a brief encounter between Gillian and Sable at the door while everyone was searching the room and trying to find useful clues. This ended in Gillian opening the door.
• The door opened to a stone staircase leading down into the darkness.
o After a quick jumble of haphazard plans of action, The party grabbed Darax and kicked him down the staircase (afterall, that’s who the voice was asking for)
o Rabbit sent lights out into the darkness to see what was there.
o Something large was flying around very quickly.
o Lucien, stumble, Sable, and Rabbit walked into the open expanse of space, while Esmir and Gillian creptd around a corner, where two tied and bound prisoners were chained to the ground.
• “The Battle of Noaak”
o Rabbit’s dancing lights proved incredibly valuable in the battle of the mysterious monster.
o Stumble, Lucian, and Sable seemed to take the brunt of the attacks while Esmier and Hasingstoke freed the prisoners.
o Rabbit and Gillian, however, stayed clear of battle as much as they could and searched for the dream-faring scepter
• The scepter:
o In a pile of gold toward the back, Gillian and Rabbit found the scepter.
o Noaak noticed.
o Gillian claimed that men do not know how to use the scepter, only women do. (meanwhile, she had grabbed a chage-purse in her left hand.) She convinced Noack that should could show her how the scepter worked, she just needed to touch her hand.
o The monster was trapped in the change-purse and Gillian forced herself to sleep, clutching the change-purse and the scepter.
• Meanwhile:
o After the monster disappeared, Esmir led the dividing of the gold.
o Hasingstoke presented the two prisionsers: the female owner of the Good Sellers business, and her personal body guard.
o Several items were in the pile of gold which were also divided between the party.
• Aftermath:
o Stumble convinced the party to go back to the temple and replace the helmet and sword (where they rightfully belong)
o On the way back:
* Some of the party decided that it would be best to ‘free’ the goblins trapped in the door that Lucian had previously jammed. With a combination of ripping the hinges off of the door, Stumble wearing the Goblin King helmet, and Esmir’s amazing diplomatic skills all of the Goblins were freed and left the cave.
o At the temple:
* Gillian and Stumble placed the sword and helmet in the altar.
* This opened another part of the altar which contained several religious items and a very shiny set of armor, fit for a dwarf. Stumble shed his armor and got suited up in the new stuff.
* The party rested for the night, several had important dreams
• ‘Sable- Knight of the Emerald Order’
o When Gillian awoke, she had a message in her hand for Hasingstoke. Hasingstoke opened the scroll and it was from Queen Catharine marking Sable a Knight in the Emerald Order and defacto leader of this party.
• As the party was about to leave, several were reminded of the large arachnid-like creature behind the barrier. Sable had almost been convinced to leave, however he realized that leaving the creature alive would mean whomever we sent back to this cave would be sent into immediate danger.

The party moved onward toward the barrier. It was destined to be another long day.



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