The Nightmare Plague

Magicky compendium entry 1

There appears to be magic both magical and not quite so magical in this world. I propose to make a thorough study of both. In this entry, we will examine the effects of blue mist on the living.

Blue mist is encountered in connection with dreamscape phenomenon. It was encountered by your humble author’s adventuring party once before, when they released some large, scary beetley things from wine casks.

In the party’s second confrontation with this so-called “blue mist,” the mist took on a form similar to the auroral borealis, a shimmering curtain that fades into the mist. Horses were frightened by it, and it was identifiably evil, at least according to Stumble, our party’s cleric.

After some deliberaton, curiosity overwhelmed the author, who went to examine close at hand the blue mist. It stretched seemingly indefinitely but had no more width than that of a hair. Taking a deep breath, I passed through the fog and, except for a chill, felt no ill effects.

This of course led to me convincing the party that all was safe.

Dear reader, had all been safe, you would not now be reading this entry, as it would have been nothing but an idle curiosity, a footnote in this compendium.

Esmir walked through firm; being a roguish character, the sort who are of notoriously low self-control, he immediately began to blather and spin around in circles for half a minute. Then the horses were driving through with a slap on the rear. Now things indeed got interesting. First, I caught a horse’s hoof in the stomach and was thrown to the ground. When I lifted my head, I discovered that Stumble, an otherwise goodly and godly Dwarf, was fighting with Lord Poncypants, our protector and benefactor. A mighty blow from the dwarf’s hammer and the clang of sword on plate mail convinced me that swift action was needed to immobilize them, and so I cast Color Spray. However, it appears that Stumble, at least, was still in good control of his mental faculties, for he did little except curse up a storm. Lord Poncypants sat immobile.

The distraction was sufficient time for Trevelan to leap from the cart and dehorse the dwarf, after he managed to bring the lead horse’s fear under control.

Shortly thereafter Gillian, our herbalist, stepped through the mist and began to curse up a storm in Elvish. (The discovery at this stage of her elvishness appeared to cause the young lady some distress but was nothing more than a moment of curiosity and what’s-the-big-dealiality with the rest of us.)

Strange effects, these, indeed, but the most curious bit was yet to come. For we all began to suffer physical defects since our passage through the blue fog. To wit:

personage | effect | cause for concern?
Esmir | prominent veins on forarm | none; long sleeves are in fashion
Gillian | black fingernails | little except in polite company; gloves may be worn
Trevelan | horn nubbins | little except when indoors; the bard wears a hat
Lucien | lost nose | great; a mask might hide the physical effects but is equally a cause for concern!
Rabbit | whitened eyes | possibly; appears to be blind

I developed a scheme to melt some of the colored powder I use in my color spray illusions to fashion some rose-tinted glasses to hide the nature of my eyes until we found a cure for the corruption.

As of this writing, we do not yet know completely the effects of the blue fog or whether they are reversible. We are seeking the guidance of some mystics who have set up camp near town.



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