The Nightmare Plague

dear da, there's more.....

dear da,

well, more has happened since my last missive! and passing strange….

we’ve come across goblins and their trained wolves, said goblin wearing the symbol of his foul god!

gillian and others remember seeing a child in the fog, which we tried to find, and didn’t, of course, questioning gillian’s sanity….some in our group, foolishly citing ‘reason’ in unreasonable times, resisted following the child, some even using magics to prove a point, which is why they assumed the bear that came about came from the din made…but we both know, da, that noise generally keeps bears AWAY, and food draws them….being all we had were those ghastly provisions, i doubt it was attracted by that….the bear was rather tasty tho, the gnome knows his way about a campfire

well, we found it’s cave, presumably with it’s young, but saw no cubs…..we went deeper, and found chambers, water, and a sinkhole…..all natural though, carved by generations of water…..but here is the queer thing…..we came to a pool of what was obviously water, but some in the group saw it as blood, gillian saw a childs shoe in the sinkhole where there was none…..i’ve not seen things yet, but we were warned of visions and phantom sounds…..

what there WAS inside was quite odd…..across a small river was a carving of a dwarf, IN WOOD of all things! no self respecting dwarf would have done such a thing! the elf went over first, and saw a fine shortsword on a table by the carving, which i presume started a water elemental to attack us, doing appreciable damage…...then when the elf picked up the sword (which is such a SILLY thing to do in strange places), the carving came to life and thwacked him mightily…while the crew i’m with is odd, we do work well together….between well thrown arrows, bolts, spells (yes, da, spells), we managed to upend the now animate carving and sent it with the current…..

hears the odd part, when we had a moment, the elf said t here was a carving, in common no less, that said ‘dwarfs say no’, or somesuch. and more interestingly, the sword was clearly made by a dwarven master, with dwarven runes stating ‘goblin slayer’....know you of such a thing?

the questions i have, and will continue to bring up, this is not an accident….someone or something led us there! the wooden dwarf was placed there, as was the sword….i believe we were meant to find it! whether by moradin’s design, or the lad, sable’s cuthbert, or some mad dreamfarer….even the phantom child was meant to lead us somewhere, so we must be careful and diligent when following these leads…while this one may have been to our benefit, others may be traps…..we have no choice but to follow these leads, but must be mindful of motive, and act quickly and accordingly

and here’s where you will likely find me daft….i did a possibly foolish thing…..i dream-fared. the sinkhole and the pool seemed to be foci for our minds, so i wanted to make sure there weren’t clues in the dreamscape….there weren’t, but it was passing strange, and uneasy, as trips go…..

well. do with this information what you think best….and oh, my ale stash is slowly depleting, any way mum can send more?

yours in Moradin,




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