The Nightmare Plague

Bits and Pieces

From what I remember... please add!

So after everyone was healed and equipped, Travillian (Dave’s character, butchered name spelling) and Gillian went off to secure horses and a cart so that we could travel faster. We ended up with three horses, Thunderbolt (Gillian’s), Lightfoote (Esmier’s), and Warhammer or something sparkly (Travillian’s). And a cart where the rest of the party rode.

However, before we left, we went to speak to Lady Sheila Eldoran at her house. It was believed that she was the daughter of Lord Kyran Eldoran, business rival of Lord Morrick. Lord Eldoran may have used the occaision of Morrick’s daughter’s wedding to somehow cause this corrosive sickness. The party split in half. One part stayed behind at the tavern to wait for the horses, while the other part went to question the lady. Trivallin had a plan and asked for Stumble & Gillian to play along. But, before the lady answered the door, Gillian was distracted by a figure dressed in strange clothes that was watching them. Gillian had seen this same figure twice before. The most recent time was just the night before where the figure made a narrow escape through some trees. So Gillian decided to sneak up behind the figure by going around the other side of the house. The figure got away… again.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Trivillan convinced the lady that he was there to help her. And THEN, when she asked which Noble House sent him, he gave a name of one of the seven, “Von Zarovich”. She reacted abruptly, “Leave here. My father should never have had dealings with that evil Count!”, and shut the door. This caused the party to believe that Noble House was indeed part of a plot against this woman.

With that knowledge, Trivillan, Stumble and Gillian rejoined those waiting for the horses and the group began their journey. Stumble had consulted with a local cleric who, through the use of sacred rituals, determined that Sable might be found near the southeast wall of the Morrick mansion grounds.

Anyhow… ON THE ROAD! Spears began being hurled at the party. One went through Gillian’s horse and she was dismounted. Her horse ran off. One grazed Esmire’s horse (he may have voluntarily dismounted and ran off to fight the beasties, I don’t remember). His horse ran off too I think. Everyone was in a tizzy cause it was hard to see the giant things hurling sharp pointies.

But we defeated them! (I remember that we won.)

and now we’re all like “dude… wtf… that was creepy. But then again, what’s new.” but trudging on ahead.



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